Installation Instructions

Installation instructions for the swimming pool pump motor cover using the optional base.

  • Covers purchased without the optional base are simply placed over the swimming pool pump motor.

Printable Installation Instructions

Please read instructions carefully before installing cover.

Step 1. Shut off power to the pump motor using Disconnect Switch serving the pool equipment.

Step 2. Remove pool filter from the filter canister allowing all of the water in the filter canister to drain. This will reduce the weight of the water and filter in the filter canister.

Step 3. Gently lift the pool pump and motor assembly up ¼ inch.

Step 4. Slide the base under the base of the pool pump.

Step 5. Adjust the base off center to allow for the existing electrical connection to motor. (No Electrical Work Required)

Step 6. Install by placing  pool pump motor cover over base.

Step 7. Place the filter in filter canister and secure canister lid.

Step 8. Engage power to pool pump using Disconnect Switch  serving the pool equipment.

Step 9. Close discharge valve on the lid of the filter canister when the water flows smoothly and without air.


The two supplied nylon thumb screws can be used to secure the cover to the base. Locate the nylon thumb screws for easy access.