Swimming Pool Pump Motor Cover

  1. Preserves motor life and efficiency.
  2. Quality construction / aesthetically finished.
  3. Provides proper ventilation
  4. Easy to remove for service and access to key pad.
  5. Protection from sun, rain, water from roof run off, lawn sprinklers, water splash servicing filter, and morning dew.
  6. Our covers will fit most pool, spas, and water features pump motors without modification.
  7. Installs without use of tools or electrical connections.

Two Sizes to Choose From:

M-1: Height 11 5/8″ (For Single/Two Speed Motors)
M-1A: Height 14 3/8″ (For Variable Speed Motors)
M-1 / L:  Height 11 5/8″ With Sound Liner (For Single/Two Speed Motors)

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