At the recommendation of a friend a couple of years ago, I decided to purchase one of your pool pump motor covers. As we live in Florida, it seemed like a good idea at the time in order to protect our equipment from the harsh Florida year-around sun. I just wanted to report that we are so glad that we made the decision to use your cover, as our pool pump looks brand new and is in perfect working order. Our neighbor, who had his house built about the same time that we did, is probably wishing he purchased one, too. I encourage anyone who is thinking about doing so to just do it. It’s worth it. Thank you!

I have had to replace my swimming pool pump motor twice in the past five years. Both motors were purchased new and were badly corroded by rain, morning dew and reclaimed water from our community lawn sprinkler system. After the most recent failure, I purchased a much more expensive two-speed motor and decided to protect it with a Stockly pump motor cover. After two months, the cover is working well. I check the motor regularly and it is completely dry — even after a heavy rainstorm. I have recommended the Stockly cover to several of my neighbors.

Pete Poetker Port CharlotteFL